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Introducing Reira: a stunning art piece that is part of our FORME UNICHE series. This unique composition features up-cycled metal, a cacti, and a candle, all crafted with an artisanal touch. Reira talks about balance and the journey of energy and its transformations: the candle, positioned in oblique, lets its wax slip on the metal slide into the wax pool, where it will return to its original solid form.

Choose Reira to have a never-ending happening into your home. 



€ 190,00Price
  • h:    32 cm      l:    44 cm     p: 10 cm

  • Your magnifique composition will be crafted exclusively for you. These are all unique pieces and once you choose yours the RE//AREA team will be in touch to recreate it alongside with you and your costum preferences.

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